The information that counts

Actovia is a cloud-based subscription software that provides relevant, user-friendly, aggregated real estate and loan information on every NYC commercial property, with a rapidly growing database of tri-State area properties. Rather than overload users with irrelevant or confusing information, Actovia offers the data that counts. Because when you’re pursuing a lead, it’s not yet time to think the minutiae of a property: stucco, brick-face, sprinkler systems, and the like. You want what it takes to get the perfect lead and make the deal happen.
With Actovia, you’ll be in the know and completely current with everything you need to know about financial data, property information, and ownership information, including:

Mortgage rate
Expiration date
Loan origin date
Prepay penalty
Lender information
CMBS, FNMA, HUD, GNMA, Freddie Mac
and all balance sheet loans
Loan amount per sq. ft.
Loan-to-value ratio

Property taxes
Property type
Square footage
Basic description
Real owner name
Owner phone number and contact
Partnership information
Complete portfolio of owner/partners


With Actovia, the possibilities are endless. Submit queries with the specific variables that matter to you, and you can identify properties that are up for refinancing or likely to be sold. You can discover which properties are overleveraged. You can better understand an owner’s situation by viewing his complete portfolio of properties. Learn which lenders are eager to satisfy your criteria. Determine the specific properties that suit your business goals. You can create detailed and customized analytical reports on the properties, owners, areas, or banks that interest you.

The research people

What sets Actovia apart is the exhaustive research we expend. No one maintains a comprehensive database of real estate and loan intelligence like Actovia. Our information is constantly updated so you won’t waste time with unproductive leads.


With Actovia’s CRM feature, you can conveniently organize and manage your leads and sales campaigns. Sort leads by stage of progress, owner, geographical area, or preference. Track each lead’s progress from initial call to more advanced follow-up.


Actovia features a Mapping tool that gives you a street view of the property you are interested in, as well as a view of the surrounding area. If you are viewing multiple properties, you can view them on a pinpoint map, a valuable analytical tool in identifying neighborhood sales and mortgage trends.


Unlike many other systems, Actovia is cloud-based. That means you can get the real information you need when you want it, wherever you may be – no need to return to your desktop.

Hands-on Support

At Actovia, you don’t just get a software subscription. Our support team will get to know your business and help customize the program so that you can maximize its benefits to suit your unique needs and business goals. Actovia’s experts will coach you in developing the specific niche that will make your business successful.

How will you use Actovia?